I’m not famous. Like, literally at all. I haven’t done anything notable and don’t know how to properly shape my eyebrows. I’ve never even eaten a pear.  

I’m just a 28 year old human with brown hair who loves potato chips an irregular amount. I don’t know what it means to “make it” and honestly don’t think I’ve had a real bring-home-to-Mom boyfriend in six years.

So, I figured as a 20-something who feels a lot of things and is currently living that grey zone where half your friends are buying houses with a baby room and the other half are stumbling around on $12 Negronis (and some are managing to tackle both), I thought we all might have some feelings in common. So here it is. Read. Laugh. Feel the feels. Because we’re all lost. So we might as well be lost together (uh, Blue Rodeo shout out).

Because ultimately, this is what it’s all about. Finding inspiration in specifically, well, everything.