When you have a date with fate (Devonport, NZ)


4 days in Auckland is more than enough. 2 days is Auckland is more than enough. But how was I supposed to know. I was flying to NZ in 48 hours with no place to stay, so I booked four nights and figured I’d go from there. And although unnecessarily long, these 4 days have been insanely valuable, and this brings me to my favourite thing I’m going to work on as a human person over these few months: chilling the fuck out.

Like, I think I expected to land into this magical country and instantly look out a window and see the most magnificent sights I’d ever seen and be surrounded by the most magnificent people I’d ever met. But sometimes that isn’t the case when you first touch down into a new city. And sometimes it’s okay to have a couple days to get your bearings and start planning your life out and exploring the city you happen to be in – which brings me to the entire point of this post. Everything happens for a motha fuckinnn reason.


I was walking down Queen st (right?) in Auckland thinking how much this felt like home. It was a city. It felt familiar. They even had a big PWC tower looming overhead. And as I was walking I was thinking to myself that although it was quite comforting landing into such familiar territory, I was good now. I was good to gooo. I wanted the sights! The hikes! I wanted the back country, no shoes NZ style.

Then I started thinking about what PWC actually stood for and for the life of me I could not remember. It was making me crazy, and I couldn’t Google it because I didn’t have a phone, and you know when you know something and it’s there in your brain but you can’t find it? This was happening and it was driving me insane.

But I held it in and continued walking and hopped on a ferry to neighbouring village Devonport.

Devonport was a dream. It was not what I pictured New Zealand to be, but it was a dream regardless. I felt like I was in a storybook, with quanit little shops and people fishing off the pier and beautiful beach on beach on beach.

I was in love.

So I walked along the pier and smiled at strangers and took an overwhelming number of pictures of the same dock which no one will ever see because none of them are remotely good, but it was such a significant time suck that I felt the need to mention it. Then I ran into this girl that I had spoken to on the ferry, commenting on her Chicago IL shirt.

“Girl,” she said. “what’s up? How’s your day?”

And just like that I had a new friend. We moseyed over to the other side of the island where the beach was SO COOL. It was this endless stream of tide pools and sand bars and the water was BEAUTIFUL and the secnery was beautiful and it was like, ahh yes. THIS is what I came for.

(Sidenote. This computer doens’t have a caps lock key. I have never encountered this before and think it’s the strangest thing to keep holding down the shift key in order to effectively express myself.)

I couldn’t help but notice the giant, sparkling ring on her finger, so our conversation naturally turned to her upcoming wedding. Turns our her husband-to-be was actually en route to New Zealand himself because they were moving here for 2 years and needed to get on the house hunt. He had never been here before; she had, and was eager to make him fall in love with the country as much as she had the first time around.

“So will you have much time to explore and show him the sights when he gets here, or are you guys mostly getting shit organized?” I asked.

“We’ll have some time to chill,” she said. “Just a few appointments here and there. I have one with PricewaterhouseCoopers tomorrow.”


I almost dropped my fork.

This is what they call serendipity, people. EVEYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. Erin Redwine (I know, her last name is literally red wine) stumbled into my life on the Devonport North shore because the world knew she would be able to solve the PWC mystery that had been brewing in the back of my mind all day long (and for a lot of other reasons too. I wouldn’t call her a soulmate, but it’s pretty darn close).

And it was in this moment that I knew life had my back. I’d end up in all the right places with all the right people who would be able to solve all the mysteries I could possibly encounter and then some.

Everything happens for a reason. And all kidding aside, this thought comforts me every single day. Be it on this trip or back at home, when shit falls apart it always always eases my soul to know it’s got a place. It’s got a purpose. And life always finds a way to push us to exactly where we’re supposed to be.

For example, when that guy called it quits I like to think it’s simply becuase I wasn’t supposed to be with him right now. And that sucks in the moment but is going to be SO outweighed by whatever better thing is coming along. Or when the Pho place was randomly closed it was obviously because I was meant to eat Sushi, and that is always a good thing. Life is shitty, but it’s shitty for a reason, and it is so nice to be reminded of this.

And so, we cheersed. To life. To feeling lost and feeling found. To making friends. To falling in love with places and falling in love with ourselves.

But of course, we cheersed hardest of all to PricewaterhouseCoopers. May fate always step in and stars always align.